Digital lab Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand, 4 modules

OOO Nauchnye Razvlechenia
The package includes 4 modules dedicated to a particular theme, and includes everything you need to complete lab activities and assignments.

Experiments are conducted with the help of a specially designed ladybug-shaped sensor. The main character, a boy scientist named Savanto, will instruct the user on how to work in the lab. He, as well as the other characters appearing on the screen, will react to sensor readings and experiment results, helping young learners better understand various physical phenomena.
What’s included
Customization options
How to work with the product

What’s included

-4 thematic modules of your choice;

-A ladybug-shaped sensor and all other things you need to conduct experiments;


-Teacher’s Guide

Module themes:









Customization options

-customizing the sequence of tasks within the game;

- switching between laboratories;

- manual selection of tasks;

- repetition of any of the tasks;

- free mode: the teacher himself gives tasks, and the measurement results are displayed on the screen.

How to work with the product

- the work of a teacher with a group of children (the ability to divide the group into subgroups);

- children can conduct experiments in laboratories singly or in pairs: part of the tasks is based on a comparison of the indicators obtained during the experiment;

- work in a free mode: the teacher implements his own program with the help of the Digital Laboratory.

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