A digital lab for preschool and primary children

Digital learning software to help introduce young learners to the basics of natural sciences

«Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand» — is a unique digital lab for introducing young children to natural sciences through hands-on, interactive experiments!

Main Character

  • An interactive boy scientist named Savanto, who will be helping kids conduct experiments.

What’s included...................

  • Thematic modules
  • Ladybug-shaped sensors
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Software


  • Software in three languages
  • NAUSTEAM teacher networking group
  • Teaching manuals
  • NAUSTEAM partial learning software
Product Relevance
  • The digital lab Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand complies with the main requirements of the Preschool and Primary Education Standards.
Features & Functions
  • Children conduct experiments with the help of ladybug-shaped sensors. Savanto and a set of other characters react to sensor readings, helping young learners better understand various physical phenomena.
  • OOO Nauchnye Razvlechenia (Scientific Entertainment)
Over 35,000
kindergartens and schools use the digital lab Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand
30 years
of experience developing and making educational technology
Over 1 000 000
learners use the lab annually
«Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand» Basic Lab Package
  1. Thematic modules
The number and themes are to be agreed with the manager. The basic package includes 4 modules.
2. Ladybug-shaped sensor + Software
Young learners will study various physical phenomena using ladybug-shaped sensors. Each module has its own dedicated sensor.
3. Wheeled rack
A specially designed wheeled rack allows for space-saving storage of modules. You can select an option with or without the rack.
4. Teacher’s Guide
A printed Teacher’s Guide will guide the teacher trough lab assignments and experiments.
Choose your option of the children’s digital lab Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand..

The basic package includes 4 thematic modules of your choice, classical software and a Teacher’s Guide for teachers.
Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand Digital Lab Software
Available platforms
Collection of interactive cards (interesting scientific facts about the world around us, natural and physical phenomena)
Bonus arcade game “Flying a hot air balloon” (controlled by a magnetic field sensor)
Tech support for different versions (troubleshooting, resolving technical problems, assisting with version upgrades)
Remote setup of student versions
Assignment editor (user can create their own experiments with unique lines that can be voiced using the software’s functions)
Additional languages
Basic version
Multilingual version
OC Windows
OC Windows
Lab Settings (user can select the number of assignments and repetitions, and customize scenes and software settings)
Work in the lab wherever you want
You can access the digital lab on your tablet, smartphone or PC anytime, anyplace
About the digital lab «Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand»
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jason
  • Oleg Povalyaev
    Founder and C.E.O.
  • Tatiana Dyudina
    Head of Development
  • Sergey Okhotnikov
    Game designer, lead developer and texts author
  • Anna Belokhonova
    Art designer
  • Mikhail Filonenko
    Lead programmer
  • Maria Oshchepkova
    Testing specialist
  • Sergey Podlesnykh
    Testing and Tech Support specialist
  • Felix Belkin
    Testing and Tech Support specialist
  • Evgeniya Pokhmelova
    Texts author and editor
  • Alexander Baryshev
on which digital lab package is best for your needs.
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Will the digital lab Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand work on my PC?

Recommended system requirements: Operating system: Windows 8;10; CPU: Intel Core i3; i5; RAM: 4 GB or more; Hard drive: 4 GB free space.

Is the lab safe for children?

All eight lab modules are certified and absolutely safe for adults and children. Recommendations on the safe handling of the sensors can be found in the User’s Guide.

Is the lab hard to install?

It’s very easy! Simply download the software, run the installation package and say “yes” to all system requests.

How can I tell if the sensor is working?

Once the sensor is connected, you’ll see the green LED light on it come on, and the sensor’s icon will be highlighted in green on the program screen.

I have problems installing the lab. What should I do?

If you have technical problems, do not try to fix them yourself. Please contact our Tech Support at

How many times can I install the lab?

The digital lab Savanto’s Adventures in SciLand can be installed any number of times, but it may only be installed on no more than 30 devices.